272: Thomas Race Day Relay Set

272: Thomas Race Day Relay Set
272: Thomas Race Day Relay Set

Key data

Category: 23 Transport - Transport

Location: O (On loan)

Age range: 3years+

Number of pieces: 37

Number of unique pieces: 24


1 Thomas engine

1 Gina engine (Green)

1 Cargo car (Red)

1 Wooden cargo block

1 Wood Great Race sign

1 Golden Cup

2 Curved tracks

1 Tiny straight track

3 Small straight tracks

1 Medium stright track

2 Large straight tracks

4 Curved tracks with blue plastic edgings

4 Blue plastic curved walls

1 2 way track

3 Curved tracks with grey rock wall attacheds

1 Red drawbridge on green base

1 Green plastic straight track

1 Finish line tunnel

1 Ramp with red top & bottom

1 Ramp with picture sides

1 Green ramp with grey track on side

1 Tower with 4 levels of track inside

2 Instruction sheets

1 Picture sheets

Sponsor: Glen Eira Council

Public comments: Many thanks Glen Eira Council 2016.

Alerts and warnings

Common picture warning one: Official age warning logo