1818: Duplo - Pizzeria

1818: Duplo - Pizzeria
1818: Duplo - Pizzeria

Key data

Category: 21 Duplo Theme Play - 21 Duplo Theme Play

Location: I (In library)

Shelf Location:

Age range: 2-5years

Number of pieces: 56

Number of unique pieces: 39


1 6x12 white base board

1 6x12 grey base board

1 blue motorbike

1 blue mobile phone

1 gold umbrella stand

1 red umbrella top

2 red 2x4 oven units

2 white oven doors

1 grey 2x2 oven timer block

1 red sloped cash register block

1 red pizza

2 yellow pizzas

1 white tray

1 white 2x2 block

1 white 2x2 money block

1 white 2x1 pepper block

1 white 2x1 icecream block

1 white cylinder

2 white 2x2 single curved blocks (1 currently missing)

1 white icecream top

2 yellow chairs

1 yellow clear 2x2 block

1 yellow 2x2 tomato block

2 gold 2x1 brick patterned blocks

1 orange 2x2 cheese block

1 orange double curved 2x4 block

1 large green shelf unit

2 green 2x2 single curved blocks

1 green 2x2 block with side connector

1 green cup

3 red 2x4 blocks

1 red 2x2 double curved block

2 red 2x2 single curved blocks

2 red 2x2 blocks

7 maroon 2x2 blocks

1 black haired waiter

1 brown haired person

1 blonde haired child

1 pizzera lego booklet

Sponsor: City of Kingston Council

Public comments: Many thanks City of Kingston 2017

Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: DUPLO Cleaning: Immerse in very warm soapy water. Use an old toothbrush to remove dirt from crevices. Dry thoroughly overnight before returning to bag.