518: Animal Brick Box

518: Animal Brick Box
518: Animal Brick Box

Key data

Category: 21 Duplo Theme Play - 21 Duplo Theme Play

Location: I (In library)

Shelf Location:

Age range: 18months+

Number of pieces: 35

Number of unique pieces: 31


1 Green carry box with lid

1 Yellow block with bananas

1 Blue cart to make an elephant with:

1 Blue slide

1 Elephant face

1 Blue back of elephant head

1 Flat blue 8 hole block

1 Flat blue 12 hole block

2 Blue elephant leg blocks

1 Orange car to make a lion with:

1 Orange lion head

1 Orange lion face door panel

1 Lion cupboard piece

1 Orange lion legs

1 Yellow car to make a giraffe with:

1 Giraffe head

1 Yellow and brown Flexi giraffe neck

1 Brown block

1 Yellow legs block

1 Green car used to make crocodile with:

1 Green crocodile eyes

1 Hinged green crocodile mouth

1 Flat 12 hole block

2 Curved crocodile feet pieces

2 Crocodile spike blocks

1 Orange curved block to make cockatoo with:

1 White cockatoo body block

2 Flat12 hole blocks

1 White cockatoo face

1 Yellow cockatoo crest

1 Picture sheet

Sponsor: Glen Eira Council

Public comments: Many thanks Glen Eira Council 2017.

Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: DUPLO Cleaning: Immerse in very warm soapy water. Use an old toothbrush to remove dirt from crevices. Dry thoroughly overnight before returning to bag.