2299: Multi Stacking Music

Key data

Category: 10A Musical Instruments - 10A Musical Instruments

Location: I (In library)

Shelf Location:

Age range: 18months+

Number of pieces: 6

Number of unique pieces: 6


1 large red drum cube with white handle attached

1 orange cube with 3 xylophone bars attached

1 yellow cube with a mini gong attached

1 green scratch board cube

1 blue rattle cube

1 yellow drumstick that clips into the handle

Sponsor: Forest Hill 2019

Description: Make wonderful music and explore melody and rhythm with this innovative set. Children can stack the differently sized blocks in any way they see fit, exploring music and shapes as they play. Many thanks Forest Hill 2019

Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: CLEANING: Wipe over with warm soapy water. Use a toothbrush to remove dirt from crevices.